SEA-KIT Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) provide a safer, low-cost and environmentally low-impact solution to the military, defence and security sectors. These adaptable, uncrewed and remotely-controlled vessels enable over-the-horizon deployment of systems and sensors for numerous mission types, including naval operations and the security and monitoring of coastal offshore assets.

By moving military and security personnel back to a safer environment, SEA-KIT USVs significantly reduce operational risk. In addition, simple and low-cost mobilisation, extended mission capability and reduced downtime costs (compared to crewed vessels) make SEA-KIT USVs a fit-for-purpose solution to many military and security challenges.


Developed to be the first uncrewed mother-ship for remote vehicles such as large AUVs or ROVs, this 12m USV enables multiple missions, such as offshore asset security and mine clearance, at reduced risk to personnel and significantly reduced costs.

SEA-KIT X’s long-range and long-endurance capability means that extended missions can be undertaken in a standalone capacity or as part of a larger deployment of crewed or uncrewed vessels. Data can be transmitted via broadband link or satellite following on-board processing and compression or stored on-board for retrieval at a later date.

The SEA-KIT X is designed to support a wide range of military, defence and security operations and is highly configurable.

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SEA-KIT Omega (Ω) is designed for long-endurance, fully uncrewed operations. With a large payload capacity and the capability to autonomously launch, retrieve and control underwater vehicles and sensors, including ROVs and AUVs, SEA-KIT Ω meets the demands of current and future military and security operations in the above and below water domains. The large capacity of the SEA-KIT Omega enables the hosting of a variety of sensor payloads with onboard processing and communication systems, increasing the range and capabilities of maritime and border security systems.

Reduced crewing significantly increases operational safety and reduces costs and the vessel’s hybrid propulsion system delivers long endurance with a reduced CO2 footprint.

The SEA-KIT Ω is controlled by SEA-KIT’s proprietary G-SAVI control and surveillance platform, which provides safe and secure operation from remote control stations.

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Sigma (Σ) class.

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