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Our vision is to be a world-class provider of high technology solutions to the maritime and research industries and to open new fields and classes of technology to solve the problems of the future, today. We are sharply focused on driving down the cost of geo-data collection and reducing the offshore sector’s carbon emissions.

SEA-KIT International strives to be the UK’s leading Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) designer and developer, focused on over-the-horizon deployment of systems and sensors for a range of sectors, including maritime logistics, environmental management and the security and monitoring of offshore assets, as well as marine inspection and efficient survey of the ocean floor.

We have fostered a positive and dynamic work environment. New team members will gain immersive experience at the forefront of cutting-edge marine technology, with opportunities to challenge and develop themselves whilst contributing to the exciting future of carbon reducing USVs.

Bring your energy, enthusiasm and your can-do attitude and help us to shape a more sustainable maritime future!

USV Operator/Technician – Essex, UK

Responsible for the testing, trialling and operating of SEA-KIT’s fleet of USVs, and managing and carrying out technical and mechanical work as part of the vessels’ maintenance schedule.


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Systems Engineer – Essex, UK

Responsible for coordinating and executing the technical integration of electronic equipment and systems into SEA-KIT’s newly-built USVs, and supporting the development, integration and testing of systems.


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Senior Software Developer – Essex, UK

Responsible for building scalable distributed solutions for USVs, developing new features and maintaining end-to-end infrastructure, assuming project leadership and ensuring successful outcomes.


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Naval Architect – Essex, UK

Responsible for progression of designs to production and delivery, problem solving during production and ensuring vessels meet relevant regulatory and class requirements.

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Support Engineer – Essex, UK

Responsible for providing technical assistance and support to customers, ensuring effective and prompt resolution, carrying out technical repair and upgrade work on USVs (remotely and on site of operations).


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Senior Systems Engineer – Essex, UK

Responsible for managing technical integration of electronic equipment, working with cross-functional teams developing, fitting, integrating and testing systems for high-performance, technically reliable USVs.


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Workshop Technician – Essex, UK

Responsible for preparing and installing electrical and mechanical components/equipment into SEA-KIT’s USVs, performing quality checks and problem solving any issues identified.


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QHSSE Coordinator – Essex, UK

Responsible for SEA-KIT’s QHSSE guidelines and legislative compliance, leading all assurance activities and cultivating a strong culture of HSE awareness.


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Marine Engineer – Essex, UK

Responsible for installing hybrid powered engines/generators and propulsion systems into SEA-KIT’s USVs, and performing full system integration of mechanical systems.


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Electrical Design Engineer – Essex, UK

Responsible for the design & development of electrical systems for SEA-KIT’s USVs, including power distribution, communication systems, sensors and control systems


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