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Established in 2017, SEA-KIT International is a British SME providing hi-tech, USV (uncrewed surface vessel) solutions to the maritime and research industries for deployment in harsh offshore environments. With its expertise in the design and build of hybrid vessels, SEA-KIT aims to be the UK’s leading USV designer and developer, focused on over-the-horizon deployment of systems and sensors for a number of use cases. These include maritime logistics, environmental management and the security and monitoring of offshore assets, as well as marine inspection and efficient survey of the earth’s ocean floors. Through its collaboration with industry partners, SEA-KIT is sharply focused on driving down the cost of geo-data collection and reducing the sector’s carbon emissions.

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Download our media Q&A for detailed information on SEA-KIT's USV technology, its many applications and functionality.

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SEA-KIT's press releases are clearly marked on our Latest News page. Please contact Amanda Cetin on or +44 (0)7518 049251 with any questions, interview requests or to be added to our press list.

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