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SEA-KIT’s award-winning and commercially proven Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) design is set to significantly change superyacht operations, embracing new and innovative technologies to provide an unparalleled leisure experience for yacht owners, their guests and crews while substantially decreasing the environmental impact of superyachts.


Support yachts are already established as a key asset for superyachts, providing logistical support and accommodating a range of tenders and toys. Functions such as the launch and recovery of submarines and helicopter operations can be undertaken without disrupting the superyacht itself or disturbing guests. SEA-KIT's 36m USV can deliver all the benefits of a support vessel with significant advantages compared to a traditional crewed vessel, including reduced environmental footprint, lower capital and operating cost and a flexible design enabling owner-specific configuration. 

New superyacht tenders and toys are constantly being developed and the variety of desirable gadgets is increasing; tenders with hydro foils, water-powered jet suits, submarines and novel water sports equipment are all recent developments that provide superyacht guests with many enjoyable and memorable experiences onboard. SEA-KIT's remotely-controlled support vessel can be rapidly reconfigured to accommodate new products, with no space needed for crew. 

Accommodating superyacht tenders and toys on SEA-KIT's support USV also frees up space on the yacht, so that design can be optimised for the comfort of guests and aesthetic form does not have to be compromised by the storage requirements of bulky tenders and toys.

Please contact us if you would like more information on superyacht support USVs.

Reduced carbon footprint

USVs have a lower carbon footprint than crewed vessels of the same capacity. With no crew quarters and other crew-related facilities, space can be optimised. Load capacity is therefore similar to that of a larger vessel but fuel consumption is significantly reduced, due to the USV's smaller size and its advanced hybrid propulsion system. The electric propulsion units also have a lower acoustic signature to reduce disturbance to marine mammals and wildlife.

Unbounded exploration

The SEA-KIT USV's low draft enables it to enter shallow water and (with the addition of appropriate underwater imaging sonar) the support vessel can ensure safe passage for the superyacht in un-mapped or insufficiently-charted regions. This benefits owners and guests that want more freedom to explore secluded bays and harbours. The low draft also ensures that the USV will not ground and damage itself or disturb the seabed environment.

Modular flexibility

SEA-KIT's commercially-proven USV design is modular, enabling rapid reconfiguration for different payloads. Simple changes to the vessel's layout to meet new equipment demands can be made in numerous yards around the world, due to the vessel's smaller size compared to crewed support vessels. Having no crew onboard also means that layout is simpler and with fewer restrictions, enabling the USV to easily accommodate new toys and tenders. 

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