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Rapid deployment down under

Delivered, assembled, tested and on contract - all within 48 hours!

The latest SEA-KIT X-Class USV to join Fugro’s Blue Essence fleet was recently deployed on inspection work in Western Australia, demonstrating great progression in streamlined testing protocols for these rapidly-deployable vessels and the strong partnership ethic between the SEA-KIT and Fugro teams.

SEA-KIT X is a remotely controlled, versatile and configurable mother-ship platform that can launch and recover remote vehicles such as large AUV/UUVs or ROVs, enabling missions including deep-water bathymetry, offshore and subsea asset inspection, ocean science and hydrographic survey with reduced risk to personnel, significantly decreased costs and lower environmental impact.

The SEA-KIT X design is patented and holds Lloyd's Register Unmanned Marine Systems (UMS) certification. SEA-KIT hull designs are certified by Lloyd’s Register. Find out more about SEA-KIT's commercial and scientific sector USVs here.



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