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Operating a USV on survey operations in Tonga from the UAE

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Peter Walker and Liam Campbell, SEA-KIT's technical and commercial directors, visited the UAE at the end of August 2022 to publicly demonstrate remote operations to a varied audience keen to understand more about the benefits of USV technology.

During the presentation, Peter remotely operated USV Maxlimer, the first SEA-KIT X-class USV and part of the winning Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE team, during live subsea volcano survey operations in Tonga. The demonstration successfully showcased the capabilities of SEA-KIT's USV technology and was well received.

SEA-KIT’s proprietary remote operations software, GSAVI, can remotely control vessels from anywhere in the world. The highly secure, purpose-built virtual helm station utilises latest innovations from across the industry and edge processes data to keep data transfer minimal, allowing seamless communication with the USV. GSAVI also incorporates a high quality video feed, along with other bespoke situational awareness sensors, to create a versatile, customisable and proven remote operations control system.

Find out more about how a robot boat is operated from the other side of the world in this interview for BBC News.



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