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Large AUV recovery

It is currently a very special time for SEA-KIT International.

Our amazing piece of Autonomous Ocean-going technology has not only been delivered but amazingly she has arrived on time and on-budget too!

SEA-KIT is an industry changing piece of technology designed to not only autonomously map the world’s oceans, but also provide a platform for a huge range of mission possibilities in a wide range of sectors.

Testing and developing any new and ground-breaking concept can often be a fraught affair, but in this case it has been a calm and controlled process which has produced some remarkable achievements.

This week has seen the first time that a large Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) was able to be recovered by an unmanned vessel and demonstrated an ability that many have put on the “too difficult” pile. This is a remarkable achievement.

When developing advanced capabilities, you never quite know how things will go, so when you see something just do exactly what it was designed to do it is a huge relief!

Huge thanks must go to Hushcraft Ltd who designed and built SEA-KIT so successfully, Ocean Floor Geophysics  who own and operate the HUGIN AUV and Kongsberg Maritime who have provided the K-MATE autonomy controller.



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