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Department for Transport UK visit to Horten

On the 19thof September 2018, Sea-Kit received a visit from the Department for Transport UK out in Horten, Norway where Sea-Kit is currently based. The visit started with an introduction to the minds behind Sea-Kit including Ben Simpson, managing director and Ash Skett, operations manager both for Hush Craft.

The DfT team had a look around the base in Horten and were then shown a demonstration of Sea-Kit. The team was shown how Sea-Kit can be controlled remotely when near the vessel or for more manoeuvrability and convenience could be controlled via satellite from anywhere, not needing to be near the vessel. We were able to demonstrate this by using our equipment within the base in Horten.

It was very important for us to show the team a demonstration as it bought everything they had heard to life, and they were able to witness Sea-Kit with their own eyes. After the demonstration the team had the chance to speak to the Sea-Kit team more, we were able to explain and discuss the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition and our road to getting to the finals. It was important for us to explain our plans for Sea-Kit after the competition and the direction we want to head in.

We would like to thank the Department for Transport for taking time out of their week to come and visit us, it was a great pleasure.



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