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CASE STUDY: Next-generation port surveys

Leading geo-data specialist, Fugro, recently published a case study on how one of their Blue Essence fleet of SEA-KIT X-Class USVs completed a comprehensive seabed and quay wall survey for a major UAE port with minimal disruption, low CO2 emissions and unprecedented safety performance.

Fugro Pegasus - credit Fugro

Fugro's client needed a game-changing solution that would provide world-class Geo-data while minimising disruption to the port's daily operations.

Using a 12m SEA-KIT X-Class USV to complete the survey allowed them to continue with uninterrupted port operations as well as to achieve:

  • 95% CO2 reduction

  • 100% reduction in offshore HSE exposure

(compared to traditional methods)

Read the full case study on Fugro's website.



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