Security Variant

Security & Surveillance Capability

SEA-KIT™ can be configured to perform unmanned missions for;

  • Fire-fighting
  • Environmental Response
  • EM Surveillance
  • Visual Surveillance
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Vessel Interdiction

The Long-Endurance of SEA-KIT™ allows for a vessel to be placed on station for an extended period of time and to be brought into action as circumstances require.

As an unmanned asset, SEA-KIT™ can be placed into situations where a commander would hesitate to send a manned vessel.

In the case of toxic events or other scenarios where there is a hazard to human heath and well-being, SEA-KIT™ can be utilised to gather information for situational awareness and decision making using either Visual, IR or other sensors or be used to act decisively at an early stage to limit an unfolding situation.

SEA-KIT™ can carry a payload of 2.5 tonnes which gives scope for fitment of a variety of equipment.