“The blocky, 36-foot-long, yellow- and white-striped vessel bobbing off the coast of the United Kingdom sure doesn’t look like much. But Maxlimer just might be the most important ship in the world right now.”

SEA-KIT features in the Daily Beast, follow the link on the image to read even more about the journey so far.



It was a great experience working with Swire Seabed to achieve this world first. SEA-KIT’s operations team managed to successfully deploy, retrieve, and transmit control and position data to the HUGIN AUV from our 12m USV.

“The campaign, undertaken in July 2019, is the first fully unmanned offshore pipeline inspection ‘over the horizon’ ever completed, surveying up to 100 kilometers from the shore.”

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Swire Seabed Wraps Up Equinor Unmanned Pipeline Inspection

The XPRIZE competition allowed SEA-KIT International to increase awareness, drive motivation and take the next steps that ocean technology so desperately needed for the future of our planet. The completion of the competition meant that SEA-KIT now have to utilise the opportunities XPRIZE have created.

Our time of reflection was short, we dived back into research and testing to ensure we start creating a real impact. Our future plans will all be revealed soon, but until then it’s good to focus on what the other teams achieved and how robotics in the maritime industry can change the world for the best.

The Robot Report released an article that goes into details of all the teams, the competition and the future. An article that helps explain why it all matters.

Innovation is key!